by The Cowmen

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released April 25, 2015


all rights reserved



The Cowmen Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Drinkin' Song
I drink white lightnin when the coyotes are out but them GD coyotes wont leave me alone. Mama said, son you know drinkin' is bad, but she had to get drunk to have sex with my dad. Glifton he loves to beat his wife thank christ he married ole granddad on ice. Mr. Bartender don't be so slow I got time for another and a six pack to go
If drinkin's a sin, the devils my friend, so give me a shot of whats left of the gin
I built my house out of beer bottles but I drank too much bourbon now it's all broken glass. I went to Tucson to see my old lady, she didn't have a nose so I drove back home. I don't need housing and I don't need women, I just need a bottle that I can crawl in
If drinkin's a sin, the devils my friend, so give me a shot of what's left of the gin.
My wife got pregnant with a bottle of schnapps, the nurse and the doctor all called the cops. When they got there we partied til dawn. I named that bottle Paul,Peter, and John. I had my first drink at the age of three, I picked a bottle from the whiskey tree. I grabbed it and drank it and got real drunk. I learned how to cry and I learned how to ....
If drinkin's a sin the devils my friend so give me a shot and what's left of the gin.
Track Name: Skeleton Dan
Skeleton Dan, with his skeleton hands
He understands the dead man's plans
Skeleton Dan, he's a skeleton man
Burned on the cross by the Ku Klux Klan

Skeleton Dan, he's a Wall St. man
Wears a pinstripe suit with a ring on his hand
Skeleton Dan, he plays kick that can
And if you spin that bottle you can kiss the man

Skeleton Dan, AHH!

Skeleton Dan, he was buried in the sand
Then the sun came out gave him a skele-tan
Skeleton Dan, he's a skell of a man
Fry you some bacon on his frying pan

Skeleton Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan
He plays the bones in his skeleton band
Skeleton Dan, he's a Mengele fan

Skeleton Dan, AHH!

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